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Reviving The World is an evangelistic ministry that holds mass gatherings all around the world. Our mission is to bring Jesus to the lost and dying and to see entire cities revived and shaken by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result of the crusades, thousands of lives are transformed as people are saved, healed, and delivered.

Reviving The World is led by Evangelist David Rotärmel, who has been ordained as a minister of the Gospel by Christ for all Nations, the ministry of renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Much of the work executed by Reviving The World is done in collaboration with Christ for all Nations, led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, the successor of Reinhard Bonnke.

In 2011, the vision for Reviving The World was birthed when the Lord commissioned David Rotärmel to preach the Gospel to lost souls and save them from eternal damnation. In the words of Reinhard Bonnke, the call was to “Plunder hell to populate heaven.” The vision is summarized in Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19 to go into all the world, preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

David’s ministry began on the streets of a small town called Rottweil in Black Forest, Germany. Evangelism on the streets led to evangelistic gatherings and then to mission trips throughout all of Europe.

There is an urgency being imprinted on our hearts by the Holy Spirit- NOW is the time to put our hands to the plow and spread the Gospel like wildfire throughout the nations to every people, tribe, and tongue.

We believe that time is of critical essence; therefore, we lay our lives down to bring as many souls as possible to be reconciled, through Jesus Christ, back to God the Father.

What Are Crusades?

Gospel crusades are large gatherings of people from a particular region intended to evangelize throughout a region, bringing a pure Gospel message in word and in power. They accompanied by great signs, wonders and miracles as Jesus saves, heals and sets people free.

Gospel crusades are conducted in combined efforts with local churches of all denominations in the city and region. Hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of churches collaborate to see their area shaken by the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ; which is the power of God unto salvation. The secret ingredient to revival being unlocked in those places is the uncompromised Gospel message being preached by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every place in which Reviving The World has conducted a massive Gospel crusade has been transformed, and no city remains the same.

When a clear Gospel message is being preached at these crusades, people encounter the reality of Jesus. We are pushing back against the kingdom of darkness as we advance the Kingdom of God, bringing wholeness and restoration. As a result the sick are being healed, the bound receive their freedom, and many are born again. Starting with the preparation phase through post-crusade efforts, revival is being overseen by the awakened local church body, sinners are passing from death to life and are being equipped for their walk with Jesus. Churches experience massive growth as the Holy Spirit sweeps through the region. Discipleship is the main focus behind the work we do. Time-proven systems utilized by Christ for all Nations are being implemented to ensure that every new believer is being equipped and discipled by the local body of Christ.

 Biography & Testimony

Evg. David Rotärmel was born in a small town called Schwenningen in Black Forest, Germany. When he was still a child, his family moved to a small village called Lackendorf, which is close to a Black Forest town called Rottweil. This was the area where he grew up, went to kindergarten, attended high school, and spent most of his childhood and teenage years. In his young teenage years, David suffered from great emptiness and lack of peace that filled his heart. One night as he was lying in bed, he cried out to Jesus, “JESUS, if You really exist, I ask that You take away the emptiness and give me peace! I cannot bear it anymore! I don’t want money, fame, or a great career. I need freedom from the deep darkness in my heart!” Jesus heard his cry, and from that moment on, a life-changing journey began.

In the next few months, David began to visit a church that was recently opened in his area, and there his life was completely transformed. Jesus has set him free indeed! About a year later, David received a mandate from God to go after the lost. His journey as an evangelist began during a youth trip to Spain. One morning as he prayed by a cliffside, David heard the clear voice of God, calling him to save the lost. He then began ministering to individuals on the streets of Rottweil;

preaching in front of nightclubs on the weekends. This stirred a youth movement in the Black Forest. Along with a group of friends, David held weekly youth gatherings on Friday nights. Many of the young people that had just received the Lord from the street outreaches also attended these gatherings. He also began to organize bigger evangelistic youth events called “Freedom in Town,” which attracted dozens of young people, many of which gave their lives to Jesus.

As the hunger and the desire to see mass salvations continued to grow in David’s heart, he went to Orlando, Florida in 2018 to intern with Christ for all Nations. There he began to learn different ways of how CfaN is conducting mass gatherings across the world. In 2020, David attended CfaN’s Bootcamp which is an intensive training program for the “Navy Seals of Crusade Evangelists,” all while finishing his master’s degrees. Over the course of six months, he was personally trained and ordained as a crusade evangelist by Evg. Daniel Kolenda, the successor of Reinhard Bonnke.

After graduating from CfaN’s Bootcamp, David was selected as a crusade director to execute five Gospel crusades, which took place simultaneously within a span of two weeks in November of 2020. These crusades were successfully held in the nation of Tanzania, Africa, in the cities of Arusha, Singida, Shinyanga, Kahama, and Tabora. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in these campaigns, and over 50,000 souls gave their lives to Jesus.

In the beginning of 2021, Evg. David Rotärmel was asked by CfaN to help train crusade evangelists through the CfaN Bootcamp program. In this collaboration with CfaN, two crusades were held in a strong Muslim region in Tanzania, Africa. Ten evangelists were selected to undergo training, where they were successfully equipped to organize and conduct Gospel crusades with thousands in attendance. Part of the training also included being able to preach the Gospel to the masses, accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit.

For the past couple of years, David has been conducting mass evangelistic crusades in collaboration with CfaN. Thousands are surrendering their lives to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is igniting cities with true revival fire as written in the book of Acts.

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